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Here in North Suburbs of Chicago, IL we created a small, family breeding program based on champion pedigrees with some of the most famous and achieved lines. Our puppies are mostly going to homes in Chicago and Chicago neighborhood, but also in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Iowa. Our dogs are first and for most our family members. They live with us and participate in our activities.

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Buttercup is our beautiful, very promising bitch. She has a wonderful pedigree which shows in her intelligence, easiness to train, friendliness and activity.



Amber is our new promising bitch. Smart, playful but mostly calm and quiet.
Very careful.
Beautiful puppy.


Golden Family

We are a family dedicated to raising and breeding beautiful, smart, healthy dogs with sound structure as described by the standard of the Golden Retriever Club of America for purebred Golden Retrievers. We are striving to work on improving the breed and actively take part in shows and competitions organized by American Kennel Club. Growing up with dogs we always understood how important part do they take in our lives as children and as adults. We have been raised with various breeds and experienced the wonder of breeding and caring for new lively puppies from our parents and grandparents. We strongly believe that a sound, well matched with a family dog is improving overall being of every member of the household. When choosing a breed to start our program we wanted to find the best dog for our child. We wanted it to be safe for children and adults, moderately active, playful, smart to be able to learn the various dog tricks and to learn basic obedience so our life together would go smoothly ahead. We wanted it also to be a beautiful creature that we could be proud of. We wanted it to be a breed that would have a fair chance in dog sports if we would feel like participating. The choice was clear – there are not too many breeds meeting our requirements and Golden Retrievers won it for us. After we adopted our first Golden Retriever we were amazed to find out that we got not only what we were looking for, but so.. much more. Bright, versatile, friendly, easily trainable, amazingly adopting to every family member with one goal in mind – to make his human companion happy. Fun to be around and most of all loving family member.

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We believe it is important to engage our dogs in various sports but especially in conformation competitions as these are specially designed to point the best breeding potentials for the breed as is designed by American Kennel Club. Our dogs are competing and wining in the ring. We are proud of them. But we understand that the well being of Golden Retrievers depends on responsible breeding programs which are designed to learn and improve. And such is our goal.
We believe that Health Testing is not only important but vital for any potential puppy parent. It is important to realize that every breed is prone to some genetic health problems and testing helps to minimize and even eliminate a potential of getting unhealthy puppy. This is why we strive to comply with OFA testing recommendations which are:

  • OFA Hip Clearance
  • OFA Elbow Clearance
  • OFA Heart Clearance
  • Eye Certification

We believe it important to follow and abide by the Golden Retriever of America code of ethics.