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About Golden Retrievers

About Golder Retrievers

If your dream dog is friendly, smart, full of energy and covered in shimmering golden coat than a Golden Retriever is a dog for you.

A Golden Retriever is a very versatile dog. He competes wonderfully in most dog sports such as obedience, agility, field trials such as tracking hunting, searching and in conformation. These are one of the best companion dogs but also perform well in a variety of important jobs. They can be the best service dogs which guide the blind and help the disabled. They are great therapy dogs. They perform outstanding as search and rescue dogs. They sniff drugs, bombs, people buried in crumbled buildings and cancer cells. They improve well-being of those hospitalized or staying in nursing homes. And they are one of the best family companions. Golden Retriever’s so called “soft” jaw makes them famous in careful dealing with small children. And you would have hard time finding a dog who would love to play fetch as much as Goldens do.

This breed is ranked one of the top five breeds in US for over 30 years. Goldens were bred by British nobleman Tweedmouth to hunt and retrieve ducks and other waterfowl. It is important to remember that Goldens belong to so called Sporting Group. This means that they require daily exercise. Running, playing games, outdoor activities is where they will use their energy. Because they are a large breed and pretty smart, if not trained basic obedience they could become quite a handful. Large 75 pound male can even topple an adult when jumping out of excitement.

If your dream dog is friendly, smart, full of energy and covered in shimmering golden coat than a Golden Retriever is a dog for you.

Golden Females should be 21.5” to 22.5” tall at withers and weight between 55 and 65 pounds. Males should grow between 23” to 24” at withers and weight between 65 and 75 pounds.

“Friendly” is actually a Golden description of the standard of the breed. Careful breeders trying to follow the AKC standard description of the breed plan the breedings so puppies bred would be also intelligent, eager, alert, reliable and trustworthy. Symmetrical, powerful structure, broad skull, level and strong backline, muscular, straight legs, good bone are the characteristics sought for. Furthermore, the beautiful, thick, of different shades of gold shimmering coat is what so many are looking for in a Golden. Water-repellent doublecoat lets this breed deal well in cooler weather and in water sports. But it is necessary to realize that Goldens do shed. So a new Golden owner has to be ready to brush regularly.

Please note that although Golden Retrievers are wonderful breed, much sought after, they are not a good match for everybody. So if you look for a watchdog, a dog who deals well staying home alone for long periods of time, a dog who does not need a yard to “stretch” their legs, a dog that does not shed and would not cause allergy issues with a dog allergy prone person – than the Golden Retriever is not for you. If these are not your issues than by choosing a Golden Retriever you will choose the most loving member of your family.