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Based on your answers to the questionnaire and our detailed discussion with interested prospect families we select and match puppies with their families at 8 weeks of age. We are always striving to do as good of a match as possible. We realize that every home and every family is different and has different needs. The same is with puppies. All of them are playful, beautiful and smart. But some are more active than the others. Some like to eat more, some like to grow more, some like to sleep more than the siblings. And so on. Us making careful observations of the puppies and performing some testing at 8 weeks of age gives us a good idea which puppy will suit which family the best.

We strongly believe in ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) when preparing the pups for their new homes. This is a method used to stimulate individuals in order to improve their natural abilities. We can discuss the details if interested.

Puppies receive vet examination, they are vaccinated, dewormed and micro chipped before they are released. Each puppy goes home with his own blanket, folder with all his info, pedigree, “how to care “ booklets and lots of other information. We register every puppy for you with AKC for your convenience.

All our pet puppies are sold on Limited Registrations (which basically means they are not for breeding purposes). We would however consider a responsible breeder purchasing a show potential puppy under special “show” contract which would between other things require the puppy to be actively shown in conformation competitions (details to be discussed).


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